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noodlecookie's Journal

27 August

"Some ten years ago, the writer was enjoying a brief visit to one of our southern cathedral cities, and, whilst there, met with a lady of considerable beauty and attraction, who ancestress yet lives as the famous St. Cecelia of Sir Joshua Reynolds. Still more interest was excited by the fact that the lady was a native of Warrington. She had not, however, seen her town since her childhood... but when, in conversation, the town of Warrington was referred to, she exclaimed, "I always considered it a very pretty town indeed!"
If Warrington, in this new year of 1892, does possess any beauties, they certainly do not present themselves to the eye; for a town more dreary or dismal, more dirty or damp, could not have been imagined, had not Widnes happily sprung into existence and revealed a still lower depth of ugliness."
- Herbert Langton, Warrington: As It Was, As It Is and As It Might Be